Annual Election 2017

The Annual Election 2017 of the Union is in progress. ONE cabinet of the Executive Committee, ONE cabinet of the Editorial Board and TEN Popularly Elected Councilors will be elected in the Election. The elected office bearers will hold office after the adjournment of the 25th Annual General Meeting. The term of office will end at the conclusion of the 26th Annual General Meeting.

Only Full Members of the Union are eligible to vote, be nominated and nominate others in the Election.

Nomination 提名Introduction to Candidates 候選單位簡介
Election Forums 選舉論壇Polling 投票日 – Electoral Mechanism 投票制度
Vote Counting 點票Complaints 投訴Enquiries  查詢

Nomination 提名

The nomination of candidates/cabinets of the Election starts on 5th January 2017. Prospective candidates/cabinets are required to submit the nomination forms to the Office of the Students’ Union at LG5 on or before 16:30 on 20th January, 2017.
周年大選的提名期已於一月五日開始,有意參選者必須填妥所需參選表格,並於二零一七年一月二十日下午四時半前遞交 LG5 學生會辦事處。

Nomination forms for the Executive Committee
Nomination forms for the Editorial Board
Nomination forms for the Popularly Elected Councilor

Complaints 投訴

All complaints regarding the Annual Election shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Election Committee.

Enquiries 查詢

For enquiries, please contact the Election Committee.

Email 電郵
Mail 郵寄 Mailbox #46, LG5 Student Amenities, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, NT, Hong Kong

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