Annual Election 2016

AE16iconThe Annual Election 2016 of the Union has finished. ONE cabinet of the Executive Committee, ONE cabinet of the Editorial Board and EIGHT Popularly Elected Councilors have been elected in the Election. The elected office bearers will hold office after the adjournment of the 24th Annual General Meeting. The term of office will end at the conclusion of the 25th Annual General Meeting.

Only Full Members of the Union are eligible to vote, be nominated and nominate others in the Election.

The result is as follows:

Nominated Cabinet – ATUM  候選內閣 – 鵠曦

Valid vote 有效票
Vote for 贊成票 1394
Vote against 反對票 190
Abstain vote 棄權票 160

Invalid vote 無效票
Improperly marked ballot paper 苟印票 36
Unmarked ballot paper 白票 224

It is notified that the number of votes for of ATUM, the only nominated cabinet for this election, is more than the quorum. Therefore, ATUM is deemed elected in this election.

Nominated Cabinet – Expressivo  候選內閣 – 筆弦

Valid vote 有效票
Vote for 贊成票 1462
Vote against 反對票 130
Abstain vote 棄權票 169

Invalid vote 無效票
Improperly marked ballot paper 苟印票 21
Unmarked ballot paper 白票 23

It is notified that the number of votes for of Expressivo, the only nominated cabinet for this election, is more than the quorum. Therefore, Expressivo is deemed elected in this election.

Nominated Candidate – Popularly Elected Councilors  普選評議員選舉

No. 編號 Name of Candidate 候選人姓名 No. of votes
1 YAM Lok Yiu Nicol 任樂瑤 835
2 KWOK Ho Ling Holly 郭皓靈 665
3 LAU Yan Chun Chris 劉昕雋 873
4 SUN Kai Man 孫佳文 584
5 LI Chun Sing 李俊升 433
6 WONG Jasmine 黃莙瑤 803
7 NG Ting Yan Ryan 吳庭恩 585
8 HO Ka Sing Horace 何嘉昇 456
9 SHEK Tsz Kin 石子鍵 602
10 TSANG Pok Lai 曾博禮 413

Invalid vote
Improperly marked ballot paper 苟印票 62
Unmarked ballot paper 白票 290

It is notified that the number of votes for YAM Lok Yiu, KWOK Ho Ling Holly, LAU Yan Chun Chris, SUN Kai Man, WONG Jasmine, NG Ting Yan Ryan and SHEK Tsz Kin had satisfied the quorum stated in the Constitution. Therefore, the above-mentioned candidates are deemed elected in this Election.

Nomination 提名Introduction to Candidates 候選單位簡介
Election Forums 選舉論壇Polling 投票日 – Electoral Mechanism 投票制度
Vote Counting 點票Complaints 投訴Enquiries  查詢

Nomination 提名

Nomination has been closed. 提名期經已結束

The nomination of candidates/cabinets of the Election had started on 4th January. Prospective candidates/cabinets are required to submit the nomination forms to the Office of the Students’ Union at LG5 on or before 16:30 on 15th January, 2016.
周年大選的提名期已於一月四日開始,有意參選者必須填妥所需參選表格,並於二零一六年一月十五日下午四時半前遞交 LG5 學生會辦事處。

Nomination forms for the Executive Committee
Nomination forms for the Editorial Board
Nomination forms for the Popularly Elected Councilor

Introduction to Candidates 候選單位簡介

A total of 13 nominations were received during the nomination period. All of them have been declared valid by the Election Committee, and the allocation of candidate numbers was determined by lot-drawing in the election briefing session. The following files are self-introductions provided by the candidates in PDF format.

The Executive Committee 幹事會
No. 編號 Name of Cabinet 內閣名稱 Info Sheet 簡介
ATUM 鵠曦 Click here 按此
The Editorial Board 編輯委員會
No. 編號 Name of Cabinet 內閣名稱 Info Sheet 簡介
Expressivo 筆弦 Click here 按此
The Popularly Elected Councilors 普選評議員
No. 編號 Name of Candidate 候選人姓名 Info Sheet 簡介
1 YAM Lok Yiu Nicol 任樂瑤 Click here 按此
2 KWOK Ho Ling Holly 郭皓靈 Click here 按此
3 LAU Yan Chun Chris 劉昕雋 Click here 按此
4 SUN Kai Man 孫佳文 Click here 按此
5 LI Chun Sing 李俊升 Click here 按此
6 WONG Jasmine 黃莙瑤 Click here 按此
7 NG Ting Yan Ryan 吳庭恩 Click here 按此
8 HO Ka Sing Horace 何嘉昇 Click here 按此
9 SHEK Tsz Kin 石子鍵 Click here 按此
10 TSANG Pok Lai 曾博禮 Click here 按此

Note: The contents of the Introduction to Candidates pertaining to the candidates’ personal information, views and election platform are wholly provided by the candidates. The Council or the Election Committee takes no responsibility whatsoever for the same.

Election Forum 選舉論壇

The Election Committee will hold two Election Forums within the Promotion Period for the communication between electors, candidates and cabinets. Details of the Forums are as follow:

The First Forum 第一次論壇
Date 日期 4th February, 2016
Time 時間 19:00 – 23:00
Venue 地點 Common Room 1 and 2 (LG4)
The Second Forum 第二次論壇
Date 日期 18th February, 2016
Time 時間 19:00 – 23:00
Venue 地點 Lecture Theatre C

The Rules of Proceedings for Election Forum can be found here.

Polling 投票日

Details of Polling Days are as follow:

Date 日期 24th February to 26th February
Time 時間 10:00 – 18:00 Daily
Venue 地點 Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium
No Canvasing Zone and No Staying Zone
location map 位置圖

Information for Voters:

  • Please bring along you HKUST Card or membership card issued by the Union for registration and verification.
  • Please follow the voting instructions issued by the Election Committee on Polling Days.
  • Parts of the Atrium will be designated as no canvassing zone and no staying zone on the Polling days. The Election Committee will announce the boundaries of such zones by posting plans and notices on site.
  • Voters who are incapacitated from voting due to visual or physical disabilities may request for assistance in marking the ballot papers from staff of polling station.

Voting Turnout Rate 投票率

Date 日期Time 時間Aggregate Voter Turnout 累積投票人數Aggregate Voter Turnout Rate (%) 累積投票率(%)

24th February, 2016 16:00 725 8.8
24th February, 2016 17:00 852 10.3
24th February, 2016 18:02 999 12.08
25th February, 2016 11:10 1073 12.97
25th February, 2016 12:10 1124 13.60
25th February, 2016 13:10 1163 14.07
25th February, 2016 14:10 1217 14.72
25th February, 2016 15:10 1275 15.42
25th February, 2016 16:10 1311 15.86
25th February, 2016 17:10 1384 16.74
25th February, 2016 18:10 1437 17.38
26th February, 2016 11:00 1473 17.81
26th February, 2016 12:00 1530 18.51
26th February, 2016 13:00 1575 19.05
26th February, 2016 14:00 1586 19.18
26th February, 2016 15:00 1620 19.60
26th February, 2016 16:00 1675 20.26
26th February, 2016 17:00 1724 20.85
26th February, 2016 18:00 1789 21.64

Electoral Mechanism 投票制度

As the vacancies for both the Executive Committee and the Editorial Board are uncontested, these two elections would be in the form of a vote of confidence. According to Article 8.9 of the Union Constitution, cabinets in an uncontested election shall be deemed elected only if the amount of valid votes “for” they garnered is more than those “against” and being not less than 14% of the total number of Full Members of the Union. Boxes of “for”, “against” and “abstain” towards the two cabinets would be available on the ballots respectively, and voters can put at most ONE tick stamp to indicate their choice.

Given that there are ten candidates competing for the eight available Popularly Elected Councilor seats, the “Multiple Seats Multiple Votes” electoral system would be adopted pursuant to Articles 8.10-11 of the Constitution. Under such system, each voter would be permitted to choose up to eight candidates on the ballot. The eight candidates with the most votes would fill those eight seats, given that the number of supporting votes is not less than 7% of the total Full Membership.



Vote Counting 點票

Vote counting will be conducted within 24 hours after the conclusion of polling. Details are as follow.

Date 日期 26th February
Time 時間 20:00
Venue 地點 Common Room 1 and 2

Complaints 投訴

All complaints regarding the Annual Election shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Election Committee.

Enquiries 查詢

For enquiries, please contact the Election Committee.

Email 電郵
Mail 郵寄 Mailbox #46, LG5 Student Amenities, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, NT, Hong Kong