Rules and Regulations

The Council have the rights to establish, amend, repeal and interpret rules and regulations established by it. Rules and Regulations were established on the basis of the power, rights and duties stated in the Constitution. Individual rule or regulation stated the power delegated to individual sub-organisation of the Union and the rights they shall be entitled to in detail. It also stated the detail procedures that sub-organisations shall follow when carrying out their duties.

List of Rules and Regulations established by the Council:

Member Affairs 會員事務The Council 評議會Affiliated Societies Affairs 屬會事務Election 選舉事務Finance 財政事務The Court 仲裁會External Affairs 對外事務Referendum 公投General Meeting 會員大會

Member Affairs 會員事務

The Council 評議會

Affiliated Societies Affairs 屬會事務

Election 選舉事務

Finance 財政事務

The Court 仲裁會

External Affairs 對外事務

Referendum 公投

General Meeting 會員大會