Union Archives

The Union Archives of HKUSTSU was established in the Union Session 2017-2018 in accordance with the newly-enacted Archives and Record Regulations (ARR). With its operations monitored by the Council, the Union Archives aims at preserving documents and records within the Union, allowing free access to such records as a means to enhance the transparency of Union operations, and demonstrating the evolution of the Union.

Administration 管理Collection 館藏
The Archives 檔案館Collection Development 館藏展建Acknowledgement 嗚謝

Administration 管理

The Council Chief Secretary, as the Keeper of the Archives, is responsible for the Archive’s day-to-day administration, as well as the acquisition and curation of documents and records. All documents and records kept in the Archives shall be preserved safely, and should be made freely accessible to the public.

Collection 館藏

The following documents and records are required under the Regulation to be preserved in the Archives, in hard and/or soft copy form.

    • The Union Constitution and its amendments
    • 學生會憲章及其修正案
    • Rules and Regulations established by The Council and their amendments
    • 由評議會制訂的守則及其修正案
    • Records related to Referenda or General Meetings
    • 公投及全民大會之相關紀錄
    • Publications of The Executive Committee
    • 幹事會出版之刊物
    • Documents of The Executive Committee and its Standing Committees
    • 幹事會及其常設委員會的文件
    • Publications and documents of The Editorial Board
    • 編輯委員會出版之刊物及其文件
    • Meeting paper of The Council
    • 評議會的會議文件
    • Documents of The Council’s Standing Committees
    • 評議會常設委員會的文件
    • Judgements issued by the Court
    • 仲裁會所宣告的判案書
    • Public notices issued by sub-organzations
    • 由各轄下組織刊發的公告
    • Constitution of affiliated societies
    • 各屬會的憲章
    • Any documents and records deemed to be of historical value
    • 任何具歷史價值的文件及紀錄

Most of the materials kept in the Archives are categorized as “Official”, meaning that they are freely accessible by members of the Union and the public with no strings attached. Upon provider’s request and the Keeper’s approval, documents and records collected may be categorized as “Confidential” if they contain sensitive contents, or contents that are intended for internal circulation only. Under normal circumstances, “Confidential” materials shall be withheld from public access for 5 years since creation, and such period can be extended to last for a maximum of 8 years. Once the withholding period ends, “Confidential” documents would be declassified.

The Archives 檔案館

Click here to access the digital Union Archives.

All collections in the Union Archives have been assigned with an index code for identification according to the Guidelines issued by the Keeper.

The bricks and mortar Archives is currently under construction, appointment for visitation will be available in due course.

Please feel free to contact the Keeper for assistance.

Collection Development 館藏展建

The Union is actively seeking donations or contributions from members, affiliated societies and alumni in the development of its collection. Please contact the Keeper of the Archives at councilsecretary@hkustsu.hk for arrangements.
學生會歡迎同學、學會及舊生提供相關檔案收藏於檔案館內,有關提供檔案事宜,請向檔案館管理員查詢。如有垂詢或需要協助查閱檔案,請電郵至 councilsecretary@hkustsu.hk 與管理員聯絡。

Acknowledgement 嗚謝

Thank you to the following individuals and organisations for their assistance to the establishment of the Union Archives.(in arbitrary order)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library